How To Efficiently Pay Your Storage Unit

When you put your excess possessions into a storage unit, you can take a few steps to divide your items in a meaningful way so that you can easily retrieve the items that you will be needing during the time that you are renting a local Mesa area self storage unit. Clearly mark your containers, or even better, use see-through plastic bins. Plan the placement of your unit Whenever possible, store your items in uniformly-sized boxes or bins. This allows you to have neat and stable stacks. When you are putting items into boxes, make sure that you fully inventory the boxes, so you can quickly glance at the container and determine if it is one that you need. Packing your storage unit with items that you don’t need at the back and trying to create aisles or walkways between your other items can be very helpful in allowing you to have easy access. When you arrange your unit, store items that will be retrieved, such as holiday decorations, near the top of the stacks so that you have easy access to them. Lift it up and keep it safe If you have access to some pallets, use them to keep your bins or boxes off the ground. This method is recommended to help protect from pests as well as flooding, such as the flood from Hurricane Rosa in late fall, 2018. While flash floods are a relatively rare event for the area, taking a few extra steps to protect your belongings in storage in Mesa, Arizona is worth doing. It’s important to look at your homeowners or renters insurance policies to determine if you need to add coverage for your storage unit. Some policies cover possessions that are being stored off-premises. Many storage facilities offer their own coverage as well. Section it off As you are packing items for your storage unit, it sometimes helps to section an area in your basement, garage, etc. that is the same size of the unit that you are considering, ...

November 30th, 2018

The Best Ways to Prep Your Kitchen Items for Long-Term Storage

When you are packing your items for long-term storage in a Maricopa County storage unit, a few steps on the front end can save you a lot of frustration when you pick up your items for use once more. Self storage units in Mesa are great options for those who need to have their items stored safely for an extended amount of time. Preparing to pack Storage units give piece of mind in that your items can be packed up and you don’t need to worry about them. You can take steps to reduce the likelihood that common pests will not seek refuge in your kitchen boxes. The biggest thing that you can do to prevent this occurrence is to properly clean and pack your items. Pests are nature’s freeloaders; they follow the food. You should avoid packing any food items in your Mesa area storage unit. If you have food items that you can’t take with you, it is better to donate them to a local food pantry than to store them long-term. Food donations can be tax deductible if the donation is made to a qualified charitable organization. It is important to remember that you can only deduct donations to a charitable organization if you itemize your deductions on your tax return. The next step in packing your kitchen goods is to make certain that you clean all of your small appliances, etc. to remove food residue or crumbs. One of the most commonly overlooked items when packing is the toaster. Make sure to thoroughly clean the crumb tray so that your leftover toast crumbs don’t draw pests into your unit. Use the proper storage containers Everyone has their favorite source for cardboard boxes – common ones include diaper boxes, apple or other fruit boxes, and my personal go-to – McDonald’s French Fry boxes. However, there are other, and more recommended ways to pack for your long term storage, rather than for a move across town. It is important to make sure that you properly ...

November 15th, 2018

How to Store You Couch

Whether you are moving or have accumulated one too many couches you will need to know what to do in order to store your couch properly at US 60 Self Storage in Mesa, AZ. There are certain preparations you will need to make in order to make sure the quality of your couch stays intact during its stay in storage. Check out the steps listed below to help you in prepping your couch for storage. Deep Clean your Couch Before placing anything in storage you will want to make sure it is cleaned thoroughly. Dust, food, and grime can potentially cause damage to your couch when it is sitting in your storage unit over time. Depending on the fabric of your couch you will have to use different cleaning solvents to make sure the fabric itself is clean. You can easily determine which cleaning product to use with a little internet research. After your couch has been cleaned and vacuumed make sure it is dry before leaving it in storage. The Storage Unit Before renting a storage unit for your couch you will want to make sure you have the appropriate size to fit everything you need to place within the unit. A couch can take up a lot of space within the unit so you will want to plan ahead. US 60 Self Storage in Mesa, AZ can provide you with a variety of sizes when it comes to storage units. Protection While your couch is in storage you will want to protect it from gathering any dust or dirt on its surface. Using a heavy sheet or blanket can easily protect your couch for its stay. For additional protection you can place the couch on pallets or a tarp to keep it away from any hazardous spills that may occur. Avoid using plastic covers. These tend to build up moisture and could cause mold or mildew. For more information regarding our storage units and the sizes we have available at US 60 Self Storage in ...

October 15th, 2018

Tips to Help You Declutter Your Garage

Now is the perfect time to get your garage in working order before the winter weather starts. Cleaning out and organizing your garage can allow you to actually park a car in your garage or use it as the work space you have always needed. To help you with the process of cleaning out your garage you will want to rent a storage unit from US 60 Self Storage in Mesa for all those items that are taking up too much space. Below are some tips to help you declutter your garage. Start with Cleaning When pulling out and sorting through everything you have accumulated in your garage, take the opportunity to clean every surface. You will notice how dusty and grimy your shelving and garage floor has become while storing all of your valuables. Start with a clean slate and wipe down every surface and sweep the floor of any dirt, cobwebs, and debris. Sort your Seasonal Items As you are going through and sorting items it may help to categorize them by season. For those seasons well off, consider placing those items in a storage unit at US 60 Self Storage in Mesa. Our units will give you the needed space for those seasonal items that are just sitting in your garage. Such items include decorations, sporting goods, and clothing. Work Up While there is limited floor space in a garage, it is often smart to think up. Wall space and even ceiling space can be utilized for organizational storage for those items you often use. Consider hanging your bikes from the ceiling and building shelves along the walls to maximize storage space. Peg boards are the perfect solution to display and organize tools for ease of access. Consider Insulation A garage is not often protected from the elements as well as it should be. If your garage does not have insulation, you might want to consider having some put in. The insulation in your garage will protect the items that are more sensitive to temperature ...

September 15th, 2018

Properly Preparing Your Photos for Storage

Photos can be cherished for centuries with the right care and preparation. Before placing your photos in your storage unit at US 60 Self Storage in Mesa there are some steps you need to take to make sure your photos will stay in pristine condition throughout the years. Check out the tips below to help you. The Preparation Before placing your photos in storage you will want to make sure you are properly preparing for their stay. Preservation experts say to look for paper enclosures that are made from a high quality, non-acidic, lignin-free paper (buffered or unbuffered) made from cotton or highly purified wood pulps. You should also avoid using envelopes with a center seam due to the adhesive that could damage your photos. If you are storing photo albums make sure they are placed on acid-free adhesive paper and protected with a sheet protector. The Storage Unit When consider what kind of storage unit you should rent, it is always wise to go with a temperature controlled storage unit at US 60 Self Storage in Mesa. To keep your photos in pristine condition it is recommended that you store them in a unit that is well ventilated and doesn’t have fluctuation in temperature. Extreme temperatures tend to alter the condition of photos making them fade or become discolored. The Packing To provide the best protection for you photos you will want to invest in some plastic bins to store them in. Plastic bins with resealable tops are the best when it comes to storing a variety of valuables in a storage unit. This will keep you photos away from any hazardous spills or unwanted guests. Make sure you don’t overpack your bins. Heavy boxes and bins are difficult to move and can cause damage to the items inside if they are filled to the brim. For more information about our facility and our temperature controlled units make sure you give US 60 Self Storage in Mesa a call today. ...

August 15th, 2018

How to Store Your Camping Gear for the Season

As this summer comes to an end we will soon be faced with what we should do with all of our camping gear. Instead of having it take up space at home or in your garage you will want to look into placing your gear in a storage unit at US 60 Self Storage in Mesa, Arizona. Below are some tips for you to try when you start preparing your gear for their stay in storage over the winter season. Tents In order to keep your tent in working order, it is important to make sure your tent in clean and dry before letting it sit in storage. If weather permits, set up your tent at home to make sure every surface, inside and out, is dry. Once the tent is dry, clean out the tent of any remaining dirt or plant life. By taking the time to make sure your tent is clean and dry you prevent the growth of unwanted mold and mildew. Sleeping Bags Sleeping bags can easily get dirty and trap unwanted materials in its folds. After your camping trip, shake out your sleeping bag and undo all the zippers and folds to make sure all the dirt is out of it. Washing your sleeping bag in a front loading washing machine before storing it is highly recommended. Hang it to dry on a hanger or lying flat. Make sure the sleeping bag is completely dry and placed in its sack before storing. Camping Accessories Camping accessories can be anything from electronics to cooking utensils. You want to ensure the cleanliness of these items as well. Removing batteries from flashlights, GPS devices, or other battery powered electronics will help protect them from potential corrosion. You can store all the batteries together in a plastic bag near your camping electronics to have them ready for your next camping adventure. When it comes to cooking utensils make sure they are scrubbed clean and don’t have any remaining food particles. By placing all cooking gear ...

August 8th, 2018

How to Properly Store Your TV in a Storage Unit

After hitting up the summer holiday sales you may be coming home with a great deal on a new TV. Now you are left wondering what you need to do with your old TV. If you don’t have the space for it at home, you can easily store your old TV at your storage unit at US 60 Self Storage in Mesa. Listed below are some tips to help you properly store your TV in your storage unit. Place in the Original Box It is always best to store any electronics, including your television, in the box it originally came in. These boxes are specifically designed to keep your television safe during transit and storage. If you have already discarded the original box you still have options. By purchasing a box the appropriate size and the necessary packing material you can still protect your television. Double wrap you television in bubble wrap and fill up any empty spaces left in the box with packing peanuts. Clean it Thoroughly To keep your television in pristine shape you will want to clean it thoroughly. Remove as much dust and grime as you can from the surface of the television. Dust can tend to cause damage to the mechanics of the television if it has sat for an extended amount of time without being cleaned. Use a light cleaning product and soft rag to remove what you can. Don’t forget to clean the cables that coordinate with your television as well. Placement in your Unit How you place your television in storage matters as well. After you have securely wrapped the television in bubble wrap and placed it in its box, you need to make sure you do not place it on its back. Stand the box upright and in an area it will not be susceptible to falling. Label Before placing your television in storage make sure you label your box appropriately. Label all sides so you can easily recognize it is a fragile television and you take the proper ...

June 13th, 2018