How To Efficiently Pay Your Storage Unit

November 30th, 2018

When you put your excess possessions into a storage unit, you can take a few steps to divide your items in a meaningful way so that you can easily retrieve the items that you will be needing during the time that you are renting a local Mesa area self storage unit. Clearly mark your containers, or even better, use see-through plastic bins.

Plan the placement of your unit

Whenever possible, store your items in uniformly-sized boxes or bins. This allows you to have neat and stable stacks. When you are putting items into boxes, make sure that you fully inventory the boxes, so you can quickly glance at the container and determine if it is one that you need. Packing your storage unit with items that you don’t need at the back and trying to create aisles or walkways between your other items can be very helpful in allowing you to have easy access. When you arrange your unit, store items that will be retrieved, such as holiday decorations, near the top of the stacks so that you have easy access to them.

Lift it up and keep it safe

If you have access to some pallets, use them to keep your bins or boxes off the ground. This method is recommended to help protect from pests as well as flooding, such as the flood from Hurricane Rosa in late fall, 2018. While flash floods are a relatively rare event for the area, taking a few extra steps to protect your belongings in storage in Mesa, Arizona is worth doing.

It’s important to look at your homeowners or renters insurance policies to determine if you need to add coverage for your storage unit. Some policies cover possessions that are being stored off-premises. Many storage facilities offer their own coverage as well.

Section it off

As you are packing items for your storage unit, it sometimes helps to section an area in your basement, garage, etc. that is the same size of the unit that you are considering, so you can determine if you need more or less space. Arranging the items can help you sort, stack and plan how to arrange you unit. While this is not necessary, it can be helpful as you are getting ready to move your belongings.

With proper planning, you can maximize the space in your storage unit and be able to keep your items safe and organized until you need to take them out again.

By Aaron, November 30, 2018